Sunday, October 29, 2006

Sunna and Hadith

Sunna is the way of life of the blessed Prophet Muhammad, may Allah exalt him and bless him and shower him with light. The sunna of the Prophet is the living manifestation of La ilaha Ilallah. It is the expression of his pure and perfect nature, in complete submission to the Source of Love and in compassionate caretaking of the human family. He is perfect in intention, in thought and in action, and he is the shining model for humanity. His life is the interpretation of Holy Quran. By coming close to him we come close to Allah Most High.

The sunna of the Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, is preserved in the great body of Hadith—the recorded accounts of his life and teachings. Hadith Qudsi are the direct words of Allah Most High spoken into the Prophet’s heart—this places them on the level of Holy Quran.

Nine hadith Qudsi recorded in Atom from the Sun of Knowledge:

The noble Caretaker who guards the ocean of Quranic meaning, Prophet Muhammad, upon him be peace, proclaims: When Allah Most High decreed the existence of creation, He firmly committed Himself by inscribing in His Original Book, “My Divine Mercy extends infinitely beyond My Divine Judgement.”

The Beloved Muhammad, upon him be peace, reports these words directly from the Most High: My love belongs to those who love each other in Me, who experience intimacy in Me, who shower each other with goodness for My Sake, and who visit each other joyfully for My Sake.

While pointing at his noble heart three times, the glorious Seal of Messengers proclaims: True religion is right here!

Pronounces the President of the Parliament of Prophets: No one has become truly faithful to universal religion until they wish for their sisters and brothers exactly what they desire for themself.

Reveals the Mercy to all Worlds, upon him be peace: Every single repetition of praise—every Subhanallah, every Al-hamdulillah, every Allahu Akbar, and every La ilaha Ilallah—is a supreme form of charitable giving.

The noble Bearer of Glorious Quran recites these words directly from the Revealer of the Quran: O My servants, I do not permit Myself a single act of compulsion, so neither is compulsion of any kind permissible among you.

Advises the Friend of all souls, upon him be peace: Abandon instantly whatever makes you feel doubtful, and embrace wholeheartedly whatever genuinely frees you from doubt.

The intimate Beloved of Allah reveals these astonishing words directly from his most precious Lord: When I intensely love one of My servants, I alone become the hearing with which they hear, the seeing with which they see, the hands with which they grasp, and the feet with which they walk. Were such a servant to request absolutely anything of Me, I would instantly grant it.

The First Light and Universal Intellect, upon him be peace, relates these words directly from the Source of the Universe: I manifest in the manner in which each conscious being expects Me to manifest.

Shaykha Fariha al Jerrahi


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